Onlne Tennis GameI have listed and reviewed many online tennis games. There are tons of online tennis games available on the internet. Most of the flash tennis games are free but some of the downloadable tennis games cost money beyond the free demos. I have also listed some of my favorite PS3 tennis games, Xbox 360 tennis games, and Wii tennis games.

There are also a couple unique types of online tennis games that aren't typically graphically oriented. Fantasy tennis games let you manage a squad of real tennis players and you get points based on their performances. Online tennis manager games allow you to create a fictional tennis player and manage their career through simulated games.

No matter what kind of online tennis game your are looking for, hopefully I will have saved you some time scouring tons of lame online tennis game links. So please have fun with these tennis games!

Online Flash Tennis Games
Online Fantasy Tennis Games
Online Tennis Manager Games
Downloadable Tennis Games (PC, Mac)
PS3 Tennis Games
Wii Tennis Games
Xbox 360 Tennis Games

Online Flash Tennis Games

We've found some great playable flash tennis games. Many times flash tennis games are nothing better than multi-colored versions of pong. Hopefully these will entertain you for a while.

Tennis Mania on Facebook Rating 7/10
Simple free online tennis game but you can compete in tournaments you create, win money, improve your player and participate in the social aspects of Facebook as well. Requires a FB account.

Garage Door Tennis Rating 6/10
Play tennis against a garage door and see how many you can get. It's addictive and fun. Easy to control. Leaderboard and facebook compatible as well. Not your typical online tennis game but we've all hit against the garage door.

Simple Flash Tennis Game Rating: 5/10
Reminiscent of the Gameboy Tennis Game. Pick a player, play a tournament. Fun for a little while but not the best tennis game.

Chili-Timers Tennis Game Rating: 4/10
Another simple flash tennis game. Pick a character, pick an opponent, pick the match duration. Not the best physics, but good starting online tennis game.

Twisted Tennis Rating: 6/10
A cartoony but fun online flash tennis game. Pick a player and play a tournament. There's a weird walking penguin that is distracting but the physics are decent. There's also 2-player mode.

Tennis Grand Slam Rating: 6/10
A decent online tennis game from Miniclip. Play all the grand slam tournaments and try to win. You can save your progress.

Tennis Doubles Rating: 4/10
One of the few doubles online tennis games. If you really want to play doubles, try this. It's about standard for a flash tennis game.

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Online Fantasy Tennis Games

Online fantasy tennis games allow you to follow real-life action and earn points based on real player experiences. You are ranked among other players and they usually require very little time each week.

Tennis Pool Rating 8/10
A great fantasy online tennis game. Select a team of 10 WTA and 10 ATP tennis players within a budget. Trade them, watch them grab you points, and check your ranking. Fun every week of the season.

Fantasy Tennis Tour: Rating 6
This is an okay little fantasy online tennis game. It focuses solely on the ATP tour. Easy to sign-up but picking your team of players is complicated by the fact that players aren't filtered by whether or not they're playing the tournament. If you don't keep on top of it you might lose out on points, but still an interesting concept.

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Online Tennis Manager Games

Online tennis manager games are usually simulation based. They let you create a fictional player and guide them through tournaments. Some sites play along with the real life seasons. Others are accelerated so that you don't have to wait long to see stats and rankings.

Playasport Online Tennis Game Rating 8/10
Create a tennis player, adjust their skills, set their tournament schedule and you're on your way. Return each day to see results and train your player. Seasons last a month. A fast online tennis manager game.

Rocking Rackets Rating 7/10
Create a tennis player and play simulated matches in this online tennis manager game. Matches can be a bit slow but it's otherwise a nice management game with several features.

Ace Masters Rating 6/10
Strategizing for this online tennis manager game is a bit difficult but it's fairly comprehensive and easy to sign-up and play.

Fantasy Tennis 2: Rating: Weird
This is a very unusual game. It's not really fantasy tennis as you would expect. Rather it's more like a MMORPG. Your character does play tennis but it's on a variety of weird courts. You can collect items and things so it's much more like a role playing game than a typical online tennis game.

Tennis Manager: Rating 4/10
Slow at times, this online tennis manager game is probably worth avoiding. The interface is messy and it doesn't seem to sustain a lot of interest.

The Tennis Game: Rating 8.5/10
Very comprehensive online tennis manager game. Create a player, set up tactics, and view detailed statistics. Has doubles and Davis Cup.

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Downloadable Tennis Games

There are not that many downloadable tennis games, but the few that there are are great. Usually the independent tennis games are not free but there are demos and the games and maintained by individual programmers who appreciate feedback. I suggest checking out any of the top rated downloadable tennis games below.

Tennis Elbow Rating 9/10
A great PC or Mac tennis game. It has realistic play, a very comprehensive season with ATP and WTA tours and players. You create a player and play as them. Can configure the matches to be full or even just a few points. Lots of stats and comprehensive record keeping.

Tennis Elbow Manager Rating 8/10
A downloadable tennis manager game for PC or Mac. It's a counterpart to the regular Tennis Elbow. In this version, however, you don't play any matches you just train the players and get the results. You can watch the matches but you don't have to. Same stats and information as the regular Tennis Elbow.

Dream Match Tennis Rating 8/10
A very realistic tennis game with a cult following. Has online play which can sometimes be empty. But there are a few online tours (ITST being one of them) where you can participate in managed tournaments against reall online opponents and get rankings.

Tennis Titans Rating 5/10
Cartoony version of tennis. Downloadable free trial via Yahoo.

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PS3 Tennis Games

There are several PS3 tennis games out there to play and a view of them have online play capability. In addition some PS3 tennis games have their own online tours, so you might want to check those out too.

Top Spin 3 Rating 7.5/10
As with most console games, this PS3 tennis game has great graphics. There are 20 professional players you can play against and it's fairly easy to learn. There is also online play mode and the ITST tour has a real-life tour you can participate in.

Virtua Tennis 2009 Rating 7/10
Probably not the best of all the PS3 tennis games, but this is a playable update to the Virtua Tennis franchise. The season mode is definitely more comprehensive than most tennis games and there are online rankings. Most of the complainers are people with earlier versions of the game that didn't think the graphics had improved at all.

Virtua Tennis 3  Rating 8.5/10
An older version from this PS3 tennis game franchise, but nevertheless a higher rated version. The fact that it's still a bit pricier than it's newer release must indicate something, right? There is still a career mode where you can work your way up the rankings and several professional players you can choose from.

Sega Superstars Tennis Rating 5/10
A cartoon version of tennis this is definitely not a realistic tennis game. But it is fun if you want to play against kids or other people who just want to play a simple PS3 tennis game.

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Wii Tennis Games

If you pick up a Wii tennis game expecting it to be like the real thing, you'll be mostly disappointed. Even with Wii motion the shots on the screen don't always go like you'd expect. If you're not a regular tennis player you probably won't know the difference, but if you go in there expecting to play your on-court game, you will probably leave with tennis elbow.

EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis Rating 5/10
This tennis game attempts to take the basic Wii tennis game to the next level but it really doesn't. I was nervous when I saw the charicatured faces of McEnroe and Federer on the box. There are those silly tennis "party" games and in-game challenges which I hate. Career mode consists of playing the four grand slams.

Virtua Tennis 2009 Rating 4/10
Playing this Wii tennis game made me want a PS3 controller instead. It's got most of the features of the PS3 version of the game however the game play was frustrating. Sometimes it seemed like the ball was just going wherever it wanted and not necessarily in response to my actions.

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Xbox 360 Tennis Games

There are several good Xbox 360 tennis games and even some good old Xbox tennis games if you're into those. Similar to the PS3 in its offerings the most distinct difference is that there are a couple titles that did not crossover from the Xbox platform.

Top Spin 3 Rating 8/10
Overall this is probably tbe best tennis game on the Xbox . The online play mode is fun and the ITST tour site lets you compete in a year-long tour against other real people using this game and its characters as the platform.

Smash Court Tennis 3 Rating 7/10
You can find this tennis game really cheaply now and it's not that bad at all. The graphics are good but I wish the career mode was better. It's still fun to play once you learn the controls.

Virtua Tennis 3 Rating 7.5/10
Just like the PS3, this Xbox tennis game is fun to play, has great graphics and a decent career mode. Also it has come down in price since its release so you can pick up this game and a few of the other Xbox tennis games for under $15.

Kinect Sports Rating 7/10
This Xbox tennis game is actually a table tennis game, but I thought I'd add it because it was pretty fun to play. I don't know if the novelty of it would wear off or not but it was fun to use the kinect system for a tennis game.

Table Tennis Rating 6.5/10
I don't know why but I always liked this basic table tennis game by Rockstar. I know they used it to help get a jumpstart on their programming for the GTA series but this is a pretty fun table tennis game even though there's no career mode or anything.

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